Installation and Advice

So you have browsed our catalogue and you have your heart set on exactly what window covering solution you would like to go for, but you aren’t keen to manage the installation yourself?  Fortunately for you, there are a myriad of professional interior designers, decorators and installers who can assist you with this (and possibly offer advice on the best solution for your interior as well).  Should you wish to contract such services, simply send us an email confirming your area (suburb) and we will send you a list of suitable service providers.

Should you be an interior designer, decorator or installer of window covering solutions and wish to join our network of professionals, please kindly send us an email and we will send you a simple form to complete. Alternatively, if you wish to handle the installation yourself, we recommend you download one of our installation manuals.

Blinds:Blind installation

Installing blinds isn’t always an easy process, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Luckily we have detailed instructions to guide you through the installation. Follow these instructions and you’ll be hanging blinds like a pro in no time at all. Download one of our installation manuals to help you hang your blinds professionally.

Download Here

Overall Product Dimensions and Guidelines:

If you’re looking at installing your own curtains or blinds then it is essential that you have the correct dimensions to ensure that your installation looks professional. If you’re ready and waiting, with tape measure and spirit level in hand, to start the installation process then quickly download  this guide to DIY installations to assist you with the relevant product dimensions and guidelines.

Download Here

Wooden Range Installation Advice:Rod installation

Our wooden range is timeless, so the last thing you want to do is ruin that classic feel by getting the dimensions wrong while installing them. We have compiled a guide to help you install our wooden range easily and professionally. Simply download this installation guide and follow the steps to execute a flawless installation.

Download Here