Budget Décor Ideas: The Real Simple Closet Makeover

Everyone needs storage. Whether you’re a family of four or a bachelor in a penthouse pad, everyone needs that area in their home where they can tuck away their bits and pieces. There’s nothing worse than hosting guests and having your life piled up in the corner. So, if you’re home doesn’t have adequate storage then you’ll have to make some. If you don’t know where to begin; don’t worry. We have a great idea that’ll keep your home neat and tidy without breaking the bank. Many homes have pokey alcoves which are great for storage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well organised that alcove is. If your linen, a couple of boxes and a random jumble of extension cords are out there for the entire world to see it’s going to be an eyesore. There is an easy and wallet friendly solution; curtains. By simply putting a rail above the alcove and hanging a stunning pair of curtains you can quickly hide your storage in style! A draw of the curtains and your storage alcove will be hidden from sight and your guests will be none the wiser. There you have it. It’s your choice between your guests questionably raising their eyebrows as they gaze involuntarily over your storage jumble or a couple of complements about your stunning curtains and innovative use of space? We know which one we’d... read more

7 Reasons Why Our Metal Rod and Track Combo is the Perfect Problem Solver

So, you’re considering a new look, some thick new curtains and you have your heart set on a wrought iron rod to complete the look. Great! Here’s the problem: If you have a window space which extends over 4 metres then using a wrought iron bar can become tricky. The fact of the matter is that because of the length a rod that is over 4 metres will require 4 or more brackets to support it. Hang on, why don’t you install more brackets? That will solve the problem, right? Remember that too many brackets may get in the way and impede the curtains opening and closing. And if you don’t use more than 3 brackets and you’re planning on hanging heavy curtains then the rod might sag. Hmmm, seems like a bit of a pickle, doesn’t it? The truth is that this curtain conundrum can be easily solved by using one of our most ground breaking products – the metal rod and track combo. With the metal rod and track combo you get the best of both worlds. It gives you the wrought iron look, complete with finials and matching hold backs, but with our Verona free-wheeling track attached directly behind the rod. This allows the curtains to be completely free-flowing under the rod, regardless of the length. The good news is that the metal rod and track combo is not only a back-up plan for those who want the wrought iron look and have a large area to cover. In fact, many people choose the metal rod and track combo for shorter lengths instead of wrought iron... read more

It’s Kind of a Fishy Story

People are often curious about our name and where it came from. We’d like to offer some truly deep and metaphorical meaning, but the truth is, it’s all about the fish……….. Neville Menzies, the owner of Dorado recalls: “Some 34 years ago I was invited to go fishing on a friends’ ski boat. I had never been fishing off a boat before, and was never a keen fisherman, but I loved the adrenalin rush of spanking through the waves en route to the fishing spot. On this occasion, we lolled about in choppy water for ages, with not even a nip of a bite. But eventually I felt a pull on my rod, and the tussle began, with what the seasoned fishermen knew was a fairly big one. Some twenty minutes later I landed what turned out to be a 12 kilogram Dorado. Everyone was so excited, and I thought – well, that was hardly a big deal, and wondered what all the fuss was about. Turned out that these seasoned fishermen, between them, had never caught a Dorado! Apparently not an everyday catch, so a little beginners luck was on my side! Then, several months later, the father and son team who owned the boat and were among the crew on our original fishing trip, entered a much more competitive fishing competition off Umhlanga. Well, they went on to win the competition for catching the biggest fish of the day – and it was a 15 Kilogram Dorado! They owned a successful plastic injection moulding business, and we were, at the time, in discussions to start a business... read more
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